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Description of 24-004 1/24 side car


Item# 24-004


1/24 German motorcycle ZUNDAPP KS750  w/SIDECAR






●Description of item

The second release in the 1 / 24 scale series the Zundapp KS750 motorcycle with sidecar , widely used by the German army during World War II.
Total length 87mm, Width about 69mm, and Height 42mm. Contains approx. 180parts.
Engine, drive shaft, and gear case precisely reproduced.
The sidecar frame modeled using the BW40 torsion bar suspension.
We have accurately represented the exact cross section and shape of the sidecar with attention to the upward spread of the sides.
The tires are constructed using a sandwich system of six parts to reproduce the extreme fineness of the spokes possible at the limits of injection molding.
The Motorcycle can also be exhibited detached from the sidecar.
Air cleaner has two types of available Standard and Tropical.
Details include using a metal coil spring in the driver's seat.
Includes a clear lens part for the light.
Come with a metal wire for applying brake cords, piping, etc.
Figures are not included in the kit.
Jerrycan comes in 1 / 24 as an accessory.
Five types of Decals including German Army Eastern Front, and Africa Corp in Tunisia.
This product is molded in German gray.




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1/24 sidecar w/ figures


Figures are not included in the 24-004 kit.
The figures is OL4 1/24 Side car crews(resin Figure set)  







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